Whitefish Point Michigan

by Loanna

Freighter on Lake Superior

Freighter on Lake Superior

Whitefish Point is located on Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula. Just north of Paradise (yes, you can get a cheeseburger in paradise), Whitefish Point has a wonderful museum on Great Lakes Shipwrecks.

The museum is a wonderful experience full of history of the Great Lakes and the products that were transported by ship. The beach is rocky and has a great view of freighters coming around Whitefish Point either heading to Minnesota or down state. Across the way you can see Canada. This area is also known for the birds that migrate to and from Canada.

There are hotels in Paradise, including Best Western and Tahquamenon Falls State Park is very close. Once you have toured the Museum and checked out Paradise, drive to the state park and take a hike to the Falls.

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