Things to Do in Marquette Michigan

by Allan George
(Formerly of Marquette)

Visitor Suggested Things to Do in Marquette: Anytime you go on vacation you are looking to relax and enjoy yourself. Marquette Michigan offers all of this and more. If you need, a little excitement in your trip simply hit the ski slopes or snowmobile trails available around Marquette.

But, if you are going to visit my hometown of Marquette Michigan area you simply have to visit Lakenland Park, the sculptures you will find are simply wonderful. No trip to the area is complete without seeing the talent of Tom Lakenen. This is actually located a few miles outside of Marquette, but it is definitely worth the drive. Many people stumble across it off the snow mobile trails common in the area, and all are impressed.

There are also many cool dairy farms, a Maritime Museum and many other attractions in the area, but you might be just as impressed with downtown Marquette. You will find many things to see here in the historical heart of the city including Wattson and Wattson Jewelry and Book World.

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