The Shanty Creek Ski Resort

by Caryn
(Sterling Heights, MI, US)

Visitor Review: I went to the Shanty Creek Ski Resort over a year ago. It is a very nice place full of activity.

The Schuss mountain portion offered a fun place to relax while skiing. When I was there, there was live music. There was also a section set aside just for family activities. They also offered tubing.

The fact THAT you had to go for only an hour and had to leave at the end of that hour was a little frustrating, especially if you came in 10 minutes after the start of the hour. I do not downhill ski but from what my friends told me it was a decent ski.

I do love to cross country ski and I will admit their cross country ski trail is sorely lacking. While the trail was well groomed, the scenery was missing. So if you like cross country, I would recommend visiting one of the hiking trails near there.

Overall Shanty Creek is worth the visit for a winter getaway.

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