Tahquamenon Falls State Park Hiking and Water Fun

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Places in Michigan

Take your children for exploring in the Tahquamenon Falls State Park. The falls are one of the most spectacular sights in the park just a short hike from the parking lot for one of the most amazing views.

Tahquamenon FallsPhoto by Sheri Frey

If you have not been here before, make a point to visit. If you are going to Mackinac, it is only about another hour and a half drive into the Upper Peninsula. Take an extra day or two and enjoy! There are two excellent campgrounds in the park if you want to stay.

If you are visiting the falls, you will need to find your way to the Upper Falls area. This is where you will park and take a short hike through the forest until you reach an observation deck looking out over the falls. Stretching more than 200 feet across and dropping more than 50 feet, this is one of the most spectacular falls in the state of Michigan. Your children may have seen smaller falls, but they may not have seen anything on this scale.

Tahquamenon Falls fishing

You can easily turn this into a day trip if you pack a picnic or plan to dine out in the restaurant located in the Upper Falls area. There is also a gift shop if you want your children to bring back a souvenir proving they explored the brilliance of the rushing falls.

There is also a Lower Falls area, but the falls are not nearly as extraordinary in this area. If you are spending a day in the area you may start out here and venture to the Upper Falls area when you are ready to take the quick walk out to the observation decks and settle down for a picnic. You may even decide to picnic at the Lower Falls area and eat dinner later in the restaurant at the Upper Falls area.

There is a 4 mile hike from one set of falls to the other that has unbelievable views of the the river and the state park. We promise the kids that they can have ice cream at the Lower Falls ice cream shop if they complete the round trip!

This is also a great area for nature photography, and you will want to snap some pictures of the family standing in front of the falls.

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