Starlight Beach in Alpena, MI

by Nicole M.
(Canton, Mi USA)

Starlight beach 07/03/2008

Starlight beach 07/03/2008

Try Starlight Beach in Alpena, MI.

This beach is very conveniently located. It has restaurants within a minutes walk, and a nice motel just in front of it.

It is located right off of US 23, so there is no need to travel into the backwoods, where strangers usually get lost! There is a playground, barbecue pits, and picnic tables to relax at after a long, exhausting day at the beach.

The scenery is amazing.

You can sit and watch the massive ships off in the distance, the beautiful horizons, and the playful birds flying through the air.

Most importantly, the locals are so sweet. We visited from the metro Detroit area, and the welcome was just as warm as the sun. Everybody is full of cheer, and things move quite slowly around there. It is so nice to travel away from rush hour traffic and hectic work schedules.

It's a money saver too, going only four hours away can sometimes make you feel as if you've left the state. We go every year, and would love to see ya there!

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