Spring Lake Michigan

by Randee
(Spring Lake, Michigan)

Visitor Tips: Why visit Spring Lake Michigan? Because there are so many things to do here! Consider just five of the many adventures you can have in my hometown:

1. Soak in the sun while fishing at Jackson Street Pier. You can watch sailboats meander by while you reel in the catch of the day or just collect an afternoon of quiet in the sun.

2. Take a kayaking trip around the lake. It is much easier to relax and kayak here than in the big lake!

3. Play all your favorite sports in Central Park then retire into the shade for a quiet picnic. This is small town life at its best and it will give you all the rest and relaxation you need coupled with some physical activity to get your blood pumping.

4. Head out to the shore for a nice dinner at a waterfront restaurant then take a nice walk along the boardwalk. Plan this trip properly and you could be sitting on the boardwalk watching the sun tuck itself in for the night.

5. Take a charter boat out onto Lake Michigan to enjoy an afternoon on the water. Take someone you love and look out over the water and across the blue skies together.

Spring Lake, Michigan is a friendly place for families, but is something different for couples as well. If you have someone you want to really get to know better or who you miss spending some time with...then skip Grand Haven and enjoy the peace and quiet of Spring Lake!

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