Soo Locks

Top 10 Places in Michigan for Kids

If you are looking for vacation places in Michigan for kids, the Soo Locks are located on the Saint Marys River and are a man-made marvel that kids just love to watch. They run parallel and serve as a connection between Lake Superior and the Great Lakes running beneath. Thousands of ships run through these locks each year, and you may want to run through them with your children as well. You can arrange for boat tours that give spectacular views through the locks in spring, summer and fall. The locks ice over and are closed completely through the winter months.

soo locksPhoto Source: Commons license

If you are traveling on a budget, you can leave out the boat tour and simply enjoy the locks from the shore. You can access large viewing platforms from Sault Ste. Marie, which is the city harboring this jewel of Michigan landscape. You can look out over the water and even allow younger children to explore the park which sits nearby.

There is also a visitor center where your children can gain some knowledge about the history of the locks. They can learn how this water feature was formed, why it is there, and what purpose it serves for safe water transport in the state. They may also learn how this area connects with Canada, which is something every child growing up Michigan should know all about.

The visitor center also contains a theater, so you can bring this area to life through film. There are certain operational hours for viewings, so you may want to check ahead of time if you are planning to turn your trip into more of an educational journey for your children.

This is a great place to stop off for a day, or you can find nearby accommodations to spend a couple leisurely days. If you want to book a boat tour you will have more expenses to cover, but you will also see the locks from out on the water, which is a view you can never get from standing on the shore.

This is one of the best destinations in Michigan for families with smaller children. All members of the family will enjoy the visitor's center and park. The observation areas and even the boat tours are suitable for smaller children as well as those old enough to do more exploration of the area.

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