Top Reasons to Visit a Ski Resort in Michigan

Why visit a ski resort in Michigan? Because Michigan is the "Winter Wonderland" of the United States for skiers! Michigan has the some of the best family ski resorts anywhere.

There are a large number of resorts that offer skiing and other winter activities throughout the state.

These resorts include that of "Apple Mountain", "Blackjack Ski Resort", "Boyne Mountain", "Cannonsburg Ski Area", "Hanson Hills Recreational Area" and many others.

In fact, there more than forty excellent places to ski throughout the state.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Ski Resorts in Michigan

Here are the top 10 reasons we think that you will want to visit a Michigan ski resort:

1. Resorts insure that there are skiing experiences waiting on individuals with all levels of expertise. Whether you are looking for a beginning course, a leisure course, or a high-powered physically challenging course, Michigan ski resorts deliver!

Best Family Ski Resorts in Michigan
Kids enjoying a trip to Boyne
Photo courtesy of Boyne Michigan.

2. Many individuals and families across the United States have discovered that it is an affordable family ski vacation option. The best family ski resorts throughout Michigan know and understand the financial woes that Americans face today and strive to price their activities accordingly. This means that when you spend your vacation at a ski resort in Michigan, you can enjoy all the excitement – regardless of your budget!

3. The weather is great for skiing! Inches upon inches of thick, cold snow pound the state annually – which makes the landscape perfect for skiing pursuits. This "great weather" as defined by Peter Meyer, who works for Caberfae, brings travelers in from all corners of the nation. You are guaranteed lots of snow to enjoy skiing and other winter games and activities.

4. Although there are a large number of resorts that offer downhill skiing activities in the winter, many people visit the Michigan ski resorts to enjoy skiing the numerous cross country trails at the resorts as well. If you enjoy this type of activity, you will find paradise!

5. Need to come in from the cold? Some of the ski resorts now also have indoor water parks! When you want to come in from the cold, you can now try some water fun, too!

Boyne Ski Resort in Michigan
Skier at Boyne Mountain
Photo courtesy of Boyne Michigan.

6. When you ski, do you enjoy creative terrain parks that offer a large number of challenges? If so, then this is a reason to visit Michigan! The ski resorts in the state offer a large number of these uniquely designed parks for your pleasure.

7.  Ski resorts in Michigan have excellent accommodations. You can rest assured that you will lodge at a location with the finest amenities and the best customer service. Most resorts strive to provide visitors with a realistic and comfortable "home away from home" atmosphere.

8. Lots of other winter activities are available, too! Renting snowmobiles, taking part in ice skating, snowboarding, and numerous other activities make for some great choices for the whole family.

9. Many resorts offer additional family-friendly activities. Some offer ski school, winter day camps and more just for the kids!

10. It is a friendly place to visit! Last, but not least by any means, the individuals that reside and service visitors in the ski resorts in the State of Michigan are upbeat, friendly people that strive to ensure that you have the best vacationing experience ever!

If you want to enjoy a top-notch skiing experience, you will definitely want to consider staying at one of the many Michigan ski resorts soon!

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