Silver Lake Sand Dunes for Adventure Fun in the Sand and Sun

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Places in Michigan

Why are millions of people traveling to Michigan each year? There are many attractions, but not many are quite as popular as the Silver Lake sand dunes. This is one of the most spectacular natural displays in the state of Michigan, and you should not grow up here without experiencing it at least one time. After all, millions of visitors would not be coming for nothing!

silver lake sand dunes view

Younger children will enjoy the center section of the sand dunes best. This area gives access to the shoreline, so children of all ages can explore the sand dunes and then enjoy a day at the beach. The shoreline of Lake Michigan is beautiful in most seasons of the year, and you can pass a leisurely day exploring the water, sand and dunes.

silver lake sand dunes buggy rides

If you have older children, you have to take them for a day of adventure in the northern section of the sand dunes. This area is designated for four wheelers, ATVs and other off-road vehicles. You can rent a variety of vehicles if you do not have your own, but either way your children will never forget the experience of ripping over the dunes with sand expanding for miles in every direction around them.

This is a great adventure for adults as well, but it is not the best area for babies and toddlers too young to enjoy the fast paced action off road.

The southern dunes are dedicated to special dune buggy tours of the area. The tour lasts forty minutes and is a must-see adventure for older children and adults.

One thing to keep in mind is that the dunes are incredibly crowded and get tons of tourist attention during the peak season. Plan to come and mingle with the tourists if you want to experience this amazing natural feature of the Michigan landscape and don't be afraid to do some climbing.

We'll see you at the top!

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