Planet Walk in Lansing Michigan

Planet Walk

Looking for cool things to do in Lansing Michigan? Then you cannot miss Planet Walk.

Your kids may learn the names of the planets and you may know that Saturn has rings and that Jupiter has many moons, but the vastness of the system is just too large of a concept for most people to comprehend. That’s why it was made right in downtown Lansing Michigan.

Now you can stroll along a trail and view a scale model of our solar system. Not only are the distances between the planets properly scaled, but the planet sizes are scaled as well. The sun is the size of an over-sized basketball and Mercury looks like it is the size of a eraser on a pencil!

The trail begins at the Impression 5 Museum (another must-see spot!) and ends at Lansing's Potter Park Zoo. Visit all three for a great Lansing getaway!

The walk will take you between 45 minutes to an hour and each step you take represents a million miles. Kids love to know that they are walking faster than the speed of light!

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