Fun Michigan Weekend Getaways

Looking for fun Michigan weekend getaways? Here are some top ideas for an unforgettable trip.

A weekend getaway needs to offer excitement, relaxation, and a touch of luxury. You may think that one or more of these things aren't necessary for you, but everyone deserves these things. Excitement comes from things that you have never seen or experienced before while relaxation comes from breaking free of daily life problems.

Luxury doesn't have to be a five star hotel that costs a couple hundred a night. It is anything that you don't typically get to enjoy in your life. It can be as simple as a couple nights out in the wild, smelling the fresh air and sitting back without a to-do list waiting before you.

Top 3 Visitor Favorite Michigan Weekend Getaways:

Following are three fun Michigan weekend getaways that offer all of these things.

Detroit Casino Getaway

Motor City Casinos

Detroit is home to some of the most exciting casinos found anywhere. You may think Las Vegas has a monopoly when it comes to excitement of this variety, but that isn't entirely true. Detroit casinos offer everything that can be found in other major gambling cities and that includes the shows and some of the best dining options.

Are you feeling a little lucky? If so, head to Detroit and give the cards a spin and the dice a roll. Then collect your winnings and sit back to enjoy a show and enjoy a meal at one of the nearby restaurants. The weekend will be over before you know it.

Traverse City Wine Tour Escape

Chateau Chantal Vineyard

Michigan's wine country is a great place to spend a weekend, but don't be surprised if you don't want to leave when the weekend is over. You can enjoy the wineries in this city through organized tours or by doing your research and going through them on your own schedule.

Traverse City has a rich history and now offers some of the best wines to be found anywhere in the world. You can go through the vineyards on bicycle or take the tour in luxury from the back of a limousine. You can spend all your time in a couple areas or travel around and take in as much as possible.

If you like wine and your idea of luxury and excitement includes relaxing with varied spirits and flavors, this could be the best weekend getaway you ever planned.

Mackinac Island Adventure

You will have to take a ferry to enjoy this island, but it will truly be an adventure to remember. This unique island requires you to take walk, bike or take a horse and carriage as your standard means of transportation because motorized vehicles are completely prohibited. The hotels were built in the 1800s and still have all the architectural styling of their time period.

Grand Hotel

Once you step off the ferry you are instantly transported back two centuries. Excitement comes from exploring life as it was long ago and relaxation comes from a slower paced community where traffic jams and long days at the office dissipate to nothing. Luxury comes from staying in hotels that make you feel like a prince or princess in a palace.

From carriage tours to historic explorations, there is a lot of weekend fun to be found on Mackinac Island!

If you are traveling with your family, Mackinac Island is probably the best place to head. The kids will learn while having fun.

Adult weekend adventures are perfectly fit for a casino escape while a more sophisticated crowd will feel right at home in Traverse City wine country.

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