Michigan Spa Vacations are Amazing

by Kathy Smith

Visitor Couples Getaway Idea:

There is nothing like a spa getaway for "date night" or a great long weekend to help you reconnect.

Don't let the men trick you. They will love the spa vacation too! (My husband will never admit it!)

Men might not normally enjoy time at a spa, but they actually really enjoy spending time in this relaxing environment when with someone they love. They get the benefits of looking and feeling better in the end, just like the women. (Men like to be pampered too!)

You have all the alone time that you need to reconnect and bond, yet you have a wide variety of entertainment and relaxation activities at your fingertips as well. You are provided with a comfortable room in a beautiful location and you decide what you do with your time there.

Massages and visits to the sauna are more relaxing when you do them with someone you love by your side. Lounging in the hot tub with a bottle of wine may be relaxing when you are by yourself at the end of a hard day, but it is even more relaxing at the end of a calm day in the arms of someone you love.

Our favorites are the Homestead at Glenn Arbor or the Grand Traverse hotel, but they have spas in many of the large resorts so you do not have to drive far to "get-away."

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