Michigan Ski Resorts

Michigan ski resorts are one of the top winter destinations in the MidWest. In fact, some argue that they are among the best resorts in America.

With more than 40 excellent places for skiing, many of these mountains also have top-notch resorts that offer great winter vacation packages that combine accommodations and lift tickets at great prices.

The mountains in the upper peninsula are generally more steep and have some of the most challenging runs in the state. They also have more consistent snow conditions for those planning ahead.

However, don't pass up the opportunity to take a great lower peninsula vacation! Places like Boyne Mountain are some of the best family getaways available with both great opportunities for beginners and also challenging runs for the more advanced skiers.

Where are the Best Places for Michigan Skiing?

There are many great choices!

Flip in the terrain parks and snowboard around wicked curves on daring trails. Watch the children take their first fall down the slopes, or check the children into childcare so you can hit the most challenging trails in the resort. Relax by the fire with hot chocolate in the lodge after a long afternoon on the cross country trails. Admire the sparkle of the lights against the snow as you head up the lift for a nighttime run.

All of these experiences can be found on a winter vacation in Michigan, plus much more. The only question is which spot you want to visit this time around.

Northern Michigan Options

MI Skiing

This is one of the larger, more popular areas, and home to some of the most popular destinations. Most of the options in this area are family friendly, with many offering childcare services and special programs to introduce younger visitors to the trails. You can find some challenging trails in the area and the highest vertical is 500 feet! There are also many smaller, local destinations in the area.

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Ski Areas in the Upper Peninsula

This is the second largest winter fun destination in the state. There are some family-friendly-resorts in the area, and you will find many terrain parks for snowboarders as well as challenging cross country slopes. If you are into extreme verticals and dangerous trails, this is the area to visit. The vertical rises go up to 900 feet!

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Middle and Southern Resorts

Downhill Skiier

If you prefer to adventure on smaller mountains and mix more with the locals, the Middle and Southern skiing areas are your best picks. There are far fewer runs in these areas, and many are small community trails, rather than large resorts. Expect the verticals to be smaller and the amenities to be sparse compared to the larger skiing areas with massive resorts. These destinations are perfect for day trips if you are enjoying other area adventures.

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Fun For Every Skill Level

No matter which area you decide to visit this year, you will find a destination suitable for everyone on the trip. All areas have resorts set up to accommodate families, and most have trails that are more on the challenging side. The state has some daring mountains that take a lot of skill to maneuver, so even advanced skiers and snowboarders will get their blood pumping in all areas. Some areas are just more inclined to suit families, while others are more inclined to suit a thrill-seeker.

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