Top 5 Michigan Ski Areas for Beginners

There are some great Michigan Ski Areas for beginners. Putting on the boots and hopping on skis for the first time is exciting, but it I can also bring on an anxiety attack when take the lift to the top of a mountain and look down.

Can you make it to the bottom in an upright position or will you tumble to the end of the slope like a gymnast out of control?

How do you slow yourself down and what happens if someone else cuts in front of you? These are all valid concerns for a beginning skier, and that is why you need to find a ski area or resort geared toward those just starting out.

Michigan Skiing for Beginners

A good ski area for a beginner will have some type of instruction available for those who need to learn the basics of skiing and safety. They will also have at least a couple "bunny" trails designed to be less threatening for those with little to no experience. Following are details on three of the best Michigan ski areas for new skiers. You may start out on their bunny trails, but you might be surprised how fast you take the lift to the top of more challenging hills.

Homestead Resort (Glenn Arbor)

Michigan boy skiing

Not only does this resort offer trails designed with beginners in mind, but they also have a high caliber training program to teach beginners of all ages the basics of the slopes. The program can be used at the last minute if you show up and decide those slopes look a little intimidating, but they offer discounts on instruction if you register for it ahead of time. They also offer a good children's program that accepts babies from the age of two months.

Cannonsburg (Belmont)

The snow is cold and the ice is slick, but beginners have nothing to worry about at Cannonsburg. The property has taken on new management and there is a lot changing for the good. What remains the same is an excellent instructional program offering group and private lessons to beginning skiers. Locals can get in the action with ongoing classes to quickly excel from beginners to advanced students of the mountain.

Caberfae Peaks Resort (Cadillac)

You will not feel lost on the mountain when you head out to Caberfae. They offer three instructional programs for beginners, as well as those who have some experience but want to learn a little more before tackling the big hills. You can spring for private lessons and keep all the attention on yourself, have a semi-private lesson and share the spotlight with your family or friends, or sign up for a group lesson with other new skiers. The program is designed to get your feet on the mountain as soon as possible, but with the right knowledge in your head to handle it.

Timber Ridge (Gobles)

Some of the mountains found in Michigan ski areas are beasts, but you won't have as many of those to tame if you ski at Timber Ridge. Most of their trails are geared for beginner and intermediate skiers, so you do not have to worry about catching a lift to the wrong mountain and staring down to disaster. There are many easy trails to get used to the skis before you even look at the beasts.

Boyne Mountain & Boyne Highlands (Harbor Springs/Boyne Falls)

You cannot go wrong with Boyne, whether you are a complete beginner or a complete pro. They have exceptional training programs and a variety of trails, many suitable for those just starting out. They also offer instructional programs designed just for children.

Michigan is a Great Place to Learn

Do not worry about going down a mountain of death your first time skiing! Visit these top resorts for beginners and you will receive adequate instruction to take on the bunny slopes safely.

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