Top 5 Michigan Honeymoon Vacation Ideas

Honeymoon Couple in Michigan

A Michigan honeymoon can be a dream come true. While Michigan may not be the most popular honeymoon spot, that doesn't mean there aren't many some great ways to slip away together and celebrate your union.

If you live in Michigan, you can save a lot of money by staying close to home for your honeymoon. If you live out of state, this is an amazing place to go if you don't want venture to the traditional traps.

If you are looking for Michigan honeymoon vacation ideas, here are five of the best romantic getaways for a newlywed couple in Michigan. They all offer excitement with a healthy dose of quiet, intimate moments. Enjoy!

1. North Manitou Island

North Manitou Island

Do you enjoy getting lost in the beautiful outdoors? Are you an active couple with a lot of spirit? If so, you may want to head to Leland, Michigan near the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and then take a ferry out to North Manitou Island. This island is uninhabited and is used for hiking, backpacking and wilderness camping. A section of the island is formed into a little village, but everything else is deep, beautiful forest.

If you want your honeymoon to be intimate or you want to feel like you have left the rest of the world behind, this is the perfect Michigan honeymoon destination. Since it is off of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, you can always split your time so you enjoy the wonders of the city from atop the dunes as well as your time out in the wilderness.

2. Wine Tasting and Touring on the Peninsulas

Traverse City Wine Tasting

If your idea of relaxation is walking through beautiful grape orchards, touring wineries and tasting some of the most exquisite wines in the country, you should consider reserving a hotel suite or bed and breakfast near Old Mission and Leelanau Peninsulas. These two areas are rich with wineries and allow visitors to tour the grounds were the grapes are grown and the bottled into wines.

Spend your nights wrapped together and your days tasting together. You can also spend some time in nearby Traverse City for fine dining, dancing and shopping.

3. Resort Spa Package

Michigan Spa Honeymoon

If you aren't up for roughing it in the wilderness or hiking to the top of the dunes, an extended stay at a Michigan resort may be more your speed. You can relax in a comfortable temperature-controlled room, rejuvenate with his and her massages and spend some intimate time sweating it out in the sauna. Of course, there is nothing like wine and chocolate dipped strawberries in the hot tub after dark.

There are a variety of resorts in Michigan offering a variety of services. Many will customize your stay and provide special services if you arrange for them ahead of time.

4. Bed and Breakfast by the Shore

Michigan Bed and Breakfast

The shoreline of Lake Michigan offers amazing views over the water and land. If you book your honeymoon at a small bed and breakfast somewhere near the shore you will have all the time you need to hole up in your room and just enjoy the sensation of being married. When you're ready to get out and take in the fresh air you will have a variety of amusements to choose from, including:

  • Visiting the lighthouses
  • Taking pictures by the water or out in nature
  • Shopping in nearby small towns and resorts
  • Holding hands by the water at small beachfronts

You never know what you will find in the more remote inns in beach towns along the shore.

5. A Casino Resort Getaway

Michigan Honeymoon at Casino

Several Michigan casinos offer a lot of fun for newlyweds like casino games, fine dining, and a luxurious hotels. If you want to test the luck of your new union without sacrificing comfort and luxury, this could be the perfect honeymoon getaway for you. You may even be able to arrange for massages and some other pampering services.

Imagine lounging in bed while breakfast is delivered to the door. When the sun goes down and you're feeling frisky, you can enjoy a delicious meal then hit the casino to see how lucky you can get. Once you return to the room you will fall into one another's arms and remember you are lucky whether your pockets or full or empty.

Perfect Michigan Honeymoons for Every Couple

There is something for every couple to do in Michigan. Whether you want to escape the rest of the world or hang out with other ambitious people, you will find serene settings and romantic outings in Michigan.

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