Top Michigan Family Vacation Ideas

Looking for a memorable Michigan family vacation?

Michigan provides many different types of vacations that are perfect for a family. No matter how old or young your children are, you can find the perfect Michigan vacation that will have everyone smiling.

Michigan is state that has natural beauty, amazing man made attractions and plenty of water fun. Once you see all that there is to do in the state, you will be heading to Michigan year after year so you can experience it all.

Family-Friendly Michigan Vacation Ideas

Michigan Zoos

Michigan Zoos

If you have small children one of the best choices might be to visit one of Michigan's zoos. Unlike the zoos you may visited when you were a child, today's zoos are all about adventure and discovery with hands on exhibits and amazing creatures that come from all around the world. There are zoos located all across the state. Zoo locations include Battle Creek, Detroit, Grand Rapids and Lansing.

National Parks

National parks offer a wonderful way to learn about the history of the state, while also exploring the state's natural beauty. These parks were all designed around natural beauty or to honor a part of the state's past. Keweenaw National Historic Park, for example, was established in honor of the copper mining history in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Then there is the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore that was created to honor the natural beauty of this area with dunes, glacial phenomena and forests.


Museums are a great way to teach children about history and culture. Many museums in Michigan often are interactive, allowing children to have a hands on experience while they learn. A good example is the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. This museum features exhibits that allow children to get interactive in science experiments and play and is a great stop for a Michigan family vacation.

hen there is the Fort Wilkins Historic Complex that allows a real experience in the life of military personnel. There are 19 buildings, costumed guides and camping on site.

Amusement Parks

For older children amusement parks can be just the right thing to make them love a Michigan family vacation. Michigan has many amusement, theme and water parks form which to choose.

The biggest amusement park in Michigan is Michigan Adventure. It has more than 60 rides and attractions. The park is split into two unique as a great amusement park and one as a spectacular water park.

Another fun water park choice is Splash Universe River Run. This water park features twisting water slides, 500 gallon splash bucket, a lazy river and an arcade.

There is also the Mott Hashburger Children's Farm. While this is not your average amusement park, it is still a lot of fun with 30 historic structures complete with period dressed villagers. There is also a 1912 carousel. It is a village that will take you back in history.

State Parks

Michigan State Parks offer a great, affordable vacation get away. Most parks feature modern camp sites where you have access to electric, water, toilets and showers. Most parks also feature amenities, like playgrounds, activity centers and plenty of trails for hiking.

Lakes and Beaches

Michigan is home to the Great Lakes and many great inland lakes. Lake Superior is one of the most scenic lakes in the state, along with Lake Michigan, Lake Superior is one of the most important Lakes in the state, too. The various lakes throughout the state offer the chance for fishing, water sports, boating and other water fun.

There is no shortage of great beach vacation options to make any family happy.

Winter Fun Spots

Michigan is known for great skiing and fabulous Michigan ski resorts. If you are heading out on vacation in the winter months then you should stop by one of the many ski resorts and lodges in the state.

Michigan has the some of the best family ski resorts anywhere. Click here to learn more about the more than 40 places to ski!

No matter what type of family vacation you want to have, you can find what you need in Michigan. Michigan is a state where there is something for everyone. You will never get tired of exploring what this state has to offer.

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