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Considering a Mackinac Vacation? Want insider vacation tips from an islander?

We asked a Mackinac Island local resident to share with us some tips for our visit. Here are some vacation tips that they gave us:

Island House

Mackinac Island Vacation Tips:

Mackinac Island is a Wonderful! Submitted by Ed

Mackinac Island is a wonderful place to vacation, for both adults and children. It is a rustic village with modern amenities.

There are numerous places to tour, by foot, bicycle or horse drawn carriage. Motorized vehicles are not permitted. There are numerous shops and restaurants, most with a great view and staff.

One restaurant that I would recommend is located in the Island House Hotel. The food is outstanding and the hotel is like a picture postcard.

Another famous hotel is the Grand Hotel. It has been used in several movies, TV shows and has been included in many novels. Mark Twain visited there several times and gave a lecture there during his World tour in 1895. The summer temperatures are usually from low 60's to mid 70's. Layer your clothing.

Winters are cold but the island can still be enjoyed at that time of the year. The Lilac Festival in early June of each year is a week of outstanding flower displays, food, entertainment and fun.

Enjoy our Island!

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