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Ideas for Things to Do

by erwinem with adaptations.

Looking for things to do in Lansing Michigan? Here are some insider tips to help plan your next vacation to Michigan's capital from someone who visits there often.

Things to Do in Michigan's Capital City

Submitted by Julie:

Our capital city is such a great place to be going and has so many things to do and places you will want to see.

Be sure you take time to eat at Clara's Lansing Station because it has some great history behind it.

There are several art galleries with all types of art, Cooley Gardens, Fenner Nature Center, and the Michigan State University Horticulture Gardens which are fantastic.

Impressions 5 Science Center Lansing Michigan

There is the Impression 5 Science Center for a hands on experience and Planet Walk which starts there and ends close to the Potter Park Zoo is a trail with models of the planets along it.

There's the Abrams Planetarium and the All Around the African World Museum and Resource Center. I'd want to be sure and include a tour of the State Capitol Building and of course, the Turner-Dodge House, Park & Heritage Center is another must see.

For places to stay there are so many choices from motels and hotels to a couple of B&B like the Rosewood Inn and Cozy Koi Bed & Breakfast.

If you decide you want to camp there are some nice campgrounds, a couple being Life O'Riley and the Cottonwood Campground.

If you get tired of sightseeing there is the F.R.A.G. Center where you can play some games. It is a cool cyber cafe.

It is also the home of the Creative Wellness Holistic Health Center which might be worth seeing! I think you will be amazed at all the places to eat in this town and I will leave it to you to decide which you want to visit but I can say there's a little of all kinds of food types there.

I know you will enjoy your vacation in Lansing!

Lansing Capital at Night
by healthiermi with adaptations.

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