Kayaking in Michigan

Discover why kayaking in Michigan is one of the most beautiful adventures you can take!

Unlike any other state in the country, Michigan has some of the most beautiful lakes, rivers, and coastal waterways anywhere.

What You Need

In many of the popular destinations in Michigan, you do not even have to have your own kayak. There are kayak rental places that for a small fee will let you rent a boat for a day to enjoy the local scenery. Many kayak rental locations near rivers and streams will drop you off at one spot and later pick you up and bring you back to your car or campsite.

Kayaking in Michigan

The only other things that you may need may be a fishing pole, a camera and maybe your lunch if you plan to make it an all day trip.

Top Places for Leisurely Michigan Kayaking

For leisurely paddlers, one of the most beautiful trips is down the Tahquamenon River in the Upper Peninsula. You travel from the Lower Falls to the Rivermouth campground in approximately 6-8 hours with a front-row view of nature. You may even see a moose or sea otters while you are there!

Another great spot is Fisherman's Island State Park. Paddling around this Island offers views of stunning dunes and forests. The intricate rock patterns in the shallow water also add to the beauty of this trip.

More Challenging Kayaking in Michigan

If you want a challenge, try paddling your kayak in the Pine River. It has forty miles of whitewater kayaking experiences. It’s strong current makes this a favorite among adventure vacation travelers! Even if you are an expert, this will give you a challenge.

If you can keep your camera dry, this river also has some towering pines and hardwood forests that will take your breath away as you pass through the Manistee National Forest.

Paddling in Michigan

Presque Isle is one of the most well-known rivers in Michigan among kayak experts. Featuring thundering waterfalls, this trip attracts kayakers from all over the Midwest. It may be some of the more memorable twenty-two miles of kayaking you ever experience.

For More Kayaking Information...

For an extensive lists Michigan kayaking day trips and vacations, visit Paddling.net or order Paddling Michigan--an excellent insiders guide to the best spots for kayaking in Michigan.

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