Holland Michigan Tulip Festival

by Elycia Brown

Visitor Favorite Tourist Attraction: You just have to visit the Holland Michigan Tulip Festival!

I am not from Michigan but I love to visit in the first week of May to Holland Michigan 'tulip time.'

Holland is a town unlike all others. It is town law that live tulips are never picked and every spring, the tulip population might appear to rival the human population. That is, until that first week in May when thousands of people pile into the town to show their appreciation of tulips in every imaginable color. It is time for the Tulip Time Festival!

The Tulip Festival dates back to the 1920s, when a local teacher presented the idea of holding a festival to celebrate the rich Dutch heritage of the town. Two years after the idea was presented, the city of Holland planted thousands of tulips and started what would become a claim to fame over the years. The small festival has always been cherished by locals, but today thousands of visitors flood the town to enjoy the peaceful celebration as well.

While the festival does offer Dutch dancing, live entertainment, goodies for the little ones, and a lot of other amusements related to the Dutch heritage! The city also makes sure there are fields of blooming tulips of every variety when it comes time for the festival.

If you have never seen large fields flooded with tulips in a variety of beautiful colors, then you haven't seen Holland lit up by tulips in early May!

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