Hiking at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

by Cindy
(Pasadena, CA)

View from trailhead over the shoreline

View from trailhead over the shoreline

In 2000 my sister and I hiked the entire length of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The Lakeshore is in the U.P. on the shore of Lake Superior, between Munising and Grand Marais. The Hike is 42 miles long, but there are lots of official campgrounds along the way - they even have bear poles so you don't have to bring your own gear for that. Many of the campgrounds are kayak accessible.

The first day we did the boat trip to get the water-side view of the rocks. It was stunning!

The second day we took a shuttle from Munising to the trail head in Grand Marais, and started hiking back towards Munising. It took us 5 days to hike the entire length, but we weren't going very fast - just taking in the sights!

If you are going to Pictured Rocks with your family, the following are the must-see things along the way that you don't have to hike to go see. Take a boat ride from Grand Marais. Go see Miner's Castle (this is car-accessible, and there is a parking there). The sand dunes on the East side of the park are huge and stunning... I don't think it's a far walk to get to them.

Take a short hike: the trail is not hard at all - it is either right next to the water, or at most 200-ish feet on a cliff.

Go for a very chilly swim in the waters of Lake Superior.

You will love it.

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