Gone to Hell Michigan?

Want to say you’ve been to “hell and back?” Then a cool place to visit is Hell Michigan.

History of Hell

George Reeves and his family were the very first people to settle in Hell in 1938.. George, his wife and 7 daughters lived there and George started a mill and a general store.

Hell Michigan Sign

He also made some moonshine and according to the town’s unofficial website:

"Horses would come home without riders, wagons without drivers….someone would say to the wife, where is your husband? She’d shrug her shoulders, throw up her arms and exclaim, Ahh, he’s gone to Hell!"

The State of Michigan can to ask George what he wanted to name his little town in 1941 and said "Call it Hell for all I care, everyone else does."

So the Hell was created in 1841.

What to Do?

When you are there visit the ice cream shop called Screams and get an ice cream sundae served straight out of a coffin, hang out with the Michigan Hearse Enthusiast Club or stop by the general store for lots of souvenirs.

After you've gone to Hell, you can visit the neighing town of Pickney for some more small town fun!

When to Go?

Anytime you are going through the area is fun, but if you go in the winter…you can also say that you saw it…"Hell freezes over!"

Hell Michigan Freezes Over

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