Great Family Vacation 
Ideas in Michigan

Looking for great family vacation ideas? It might surprise some, but you can find adventure and laughter in Michigan whether it is snowing outdoors or warm and sunny.

1. Indoor Water Parks

This may seem like a destination just for the children, but parents actually find plenty to do at indoor water parks as well. While the little ones are splashing in wade pools and babies are being calmed and soothed down gentle park streams, the teenagers and adults can enjoy more exciting water rides. Think about being tossed around the wave pool or sliding through tall tubes with unexpected turns and twists.

When everyone is completely waterlogged, you can dry off and go for a family dinner or hang out in your hotel and watch movies together. The water park will always be there the next day if you want to return. Or, you can plan a traveling indoor water park trip by moving on to a different water park every few days.

Indoor water parks are great during the colder months in Michigan, but they are also great in the summer months if you want to keep your family contained and safe. You also don't have to worry about sunscreen on the babies when you keep the water fun indoors.

2. Michigan Resorts

Grand Traverse Resort

Michigan family resorts are another option if you like the idea of containing the family in one area. You can stay at resorts near the shore and enjoy the beaches or find resorts with a variety of on-site golf courses for the adults. There are also quite a few luxurious spa resorts that will completely pamper the women while the men get out for tee time. Many are located near state parks where you can slip away for an afternoon of hiking as well.

Some resorts are friendly to smaller children, but others are more adult oriented. Make sure to check your options out online and look at the features of the resort and amenities offered. When in doubt, call them up and ask.

3. Camping and Hiking Vacations

Michigan campgrounds are some of the best in the country that also give you direct access to some amazing scenic views and trails to explore. If you pack a lot of your own food, you can actually cut out a lot of the typical expenses accumulated during a family vacation.

4. Mackinac Island

If you're tired of the hustle and bustle of the modern world, let the family escape to this Michigan island where bumper-to-bumper traffic is completely impossible. You have to take a ferry ride out to this scenic island, where vehicles are banned and horse drawn carriages patrol the streets leisurely. There are few places in the world more peaceful than Mackinac Island.

5. Silver Lake Sand Dunes

If you are looking for great family vacation ideas with some excitement, get out on the water or race your four wheelers over the dunes at Silver Lake! The Silver Lake sand dunes area is a haven for adventurous families in search of a good time. From dune buggy tours to sand surfing, you can do things here that you have never done before and may never do again. 

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