Grayling Michigan: Great Outdoor Vacation Adventures

When you come to Grayling Michigan, you have your pick of outdoor adventures no matter what season you choose to travel.

Fall and Winter Adventures

Fall is the perfect time to head into the hiking trails and get lost in the vibrant colors displayed in the trees. There are fall color tours that can be taken throughout the area, as well as in other areas of Michigan. Make sure to bring the camera because the fall color of Grayling is a sight to remember.

Fall is also hunting season in Grayling, Michigan. The birds are migrating south, the ski slopes will soon be filling up with beautiful snow, and the air is crisp and fresh. Bring warm clothing so you can bundle up while hiking, biking, fishing, and canoeing before the weather turns to winter.

Once the shift has taken place, Grayling is an amazing place to hit the ski trails. The area features natural and groomed cross country ski slopes, and snowboarding is popular in the area as well. There are two rivers in the area, so you may even get to try out your ice skates.

Spring and Summer Adventures

When the snow melts away and the sun starts to shine, there is nothing more refreshing than getting outdoors and soaking up the fresh Michigan air. The Grayling golf courses come back to life, and the trees are starting to burst with fresh green leaves and the calls of wildlife. This is an excellent time for bird watching or planning an extended camping trip. Trails for biking, hiking, and other adventures start to show signs of activity in the spring as well.

As summer approaches, it is time to explore the Manistee and AuSable rivers. Get out on the water in a kayak, canoe, or fishing boat. Find a comfortable spot on the sides and sink your fishing pole into the water while the kids run in the trees nearby. There are areas for swimming and many spots for relaxing picnics as well.

Popular Attractions in Grayling:

While the outdoor adventures are the highlight of the area, there are also some must-see attractions in the area:

1. Wellington Farm, USA: Welcome to the Great Depression. Sitting in the southwest corner of the county, this living museum allows every visitor to see what life was like during this period in mid-America.

2. The Murals: You will find beautiful murals all throughout Grayling. These large pieces of art pay tribute to some of the most spectacular outdoor amusements found in the area.

3. Grayling Fish Hatchery: For a small donation, you can purchase fish food and drop it into the water. Thousands of trout will fight for the food, putting on a show that will entertain the entire family. You may even be lucky enough to catch a trout from the pond.

4. Hartwick Pines State Park: While you stretch your legs for a hike or get out on your mountain bike, take a stroll through the visitor’s center, the logging camp, and the old fashioned chapel.

5. Grayling City Park: Let the kids run and put out a picnic for the family. This park is located along the AuSable River and is a safe environment to recharge your energy on an action-packed vacation.

When you come to Grayling, Michigan, you can expect to be outdoors. While there are some areas featuring shopping and dining opportunities, most of Crawford County is set up for enjoying the fresh Michigan air. You select your adventure when you select your season, but there is always something happening in Grayling!

For more information about this area, visit the Grayling Visitors Bureau at

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