Grand Haven Michigan:

A Michigan Beach Vacation Favorite

Grand Haven Michigan is one of the hottest beach towns in Michigan. Whether you like shopping, people watching, boating, fishing or camping, then it will be a great vacation spot for you.

It is situated along the banks of the Grand River and the along the shoreline of Lake Michigan in northern Ottawa County. The Grand Haven lighthouse has two lights on the south pier, both painted red, that are connected by a well-lit walkway that connects them to the beach and the Boardwalk.

The popular Boardwalk is approximately two and a half miles long and goes past little shops, quaint restaurants and a fabulous marina.

It is a very popular place for area young people to "cruise" and hang out.

Grand Haven is also home to an award-winning campground for families, Click here a list of nearby marinas and charter fishing services

Musical Foundation

However, the biggest can’t miss attraction is the Musical Foundation--a synchronized display of water and lights on the harbor every summer evening at dusk. If you can see it from your boat…even better! 

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