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Are you ready for a Michigan fishing trip? There is no better place for a family fishing vacation than in Michigan! So grab your Michigan fishing license and let's go!

Why choose a Michigan fishing vacation?

Did you know that Michigan has more coastline than any state in the Continental United States? Michigan actually leads the Mid-West in fishing.

It also has a fishing charter and resort industry second to none. There is even the opportunity to fish all year round, even in the crisp winters, by enjoying Michigan ice fishing.

Is your family after salmon, lake trout, brown trout, walleye, steelhead or bass?

Michigan Family Fishing

Great! These are just some of the fish populating Michigan’s Great Lakes and its over 11,000 inland lakes and streams. However, there is enough variety to please even the most difficult-to-please angler when fishing in Michigan. Visiting fishermen (or fishing families!) that are not aware of the waters can even hire a fishing guide who will take them to the best fishing hot spots.

Great Lakes Fishing

Aside from fishing from the banks of the Great Lakes of Michigan, there is always an opportunity to hire a charter boat for the lakes, with the chance of catching almost every available species of fish.

Not only will you catch more fish this way, but the Captain of the boat is also likely to teach you a few special fishing techniques. (This is a great “male bonding” ritual for some families who return year after year!)

Some of the popular species of fish:

Here are the popular types of fish you could expect on a Michigan fishing vacation: 

  • Walleye 
  • Salmon including: Atlantic Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Pink Salmon 
  • Bass including: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, White Bass;
  • Trout including: Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Lake Trout;
  • Lake Herring 
  • Lake Sturgeon 
  • Lake Whitefish;
  • White Sucker
  • Longnose Sucker;
  • Northern Pike
  • Smelt, 
  • Steelhead and 
  • Yellow Perch.

Where Should Your Vacation Be For Which Fish?

Without a doubt, Lake Erie is the best lake for a Michigan fishing trip to fish for walleye and smallmouth bass. Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are the tops for salmon.

Travel to the beautiful inland sea to the north, Lake Superior, and you’ll find Lake Trout fishing that is equal to, if not better than, that of the famous anywhere.

Don’t Forget the Inland Lakes!

Want a great overall family fishing vacation with the opportunity for other fun activities? Many of Michigan’s over 11,000 inland lakes have the best fishing anywhere.

Why not rent a house or cottage on an all sports or no-wake lake and enjoy fishing, swimming, sunning and more? Friends of ours rent the same cottage on one of West Michigan’s largest lakes for the same two week period each summer year after year. The fishing is great and they enjoy family memories and great lake-front living!

No Matter Where In Michigan You Choose….

If a fantastic family fishing vacation is what you are looking for, then Michigan is certainly the place to be. Once you have experienced the beauty of this majestic water wonderland where the fishing is second to none, then you can honestly say that you have been to a fishing vacation paradise.

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