Dearborn Michigan Getaway

Visit Dearborn's Top Hotels

Considering a Dearborn Michigan getaway? With all the great hotels and attractions, Dearborn is an excellent choice for a vacation.

If you haven't taken a vacation there or even drove through it on the way to Detroit, you still may know that the state's 10th largest city was once home to the late Henry Ford. Never has it been so easy to associate something with a city like it is the Ford Motor Company to Dearborn.

Greenfield Village

Today tourists gather from all parts of the world to see one of America's greatest museum achievements; The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.

While you may have visited Greenfield Village and the Ford Museum on a school trip as a child, it really is a great destination for any age. With horse carriages, historical buildings and old-fashioned cars, make sure that you have a few days to spend to take in all the interesting facts and unique historical treasures.

One other highlight of this Detroit suburb is golf. If you love to golf, you also have to go to the Dearborn Hills Golf Course. It ranks in the top 5 golf courses in Michigan by it is definitely a must-golf destination.

Once you are finished there, the city still has much to offer. Whether you are looking for great shopping, great dining options, fun recreation or great can find it in Dearborn.

Want to learn more? Visit the website for the City of Dearborn at They have more details of many local things to do and event listings so you don't miss a thing.

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