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Thinking about visiting Dearborn Michigan? Then you must check out these fabulous Dearborn hotels right near some of its greatest tourist attractions.

Our Favorite Dearborn Hotels:

Dearborn Inn

Dearborn Inn

How can we not start off with anything other than the Dearborn Inn-Marriott Hotel (DIMH). It sits right on the Ford Motor Company land and is only minutes away from a night out on the town in Detroit. One of the things that really sets the DIMH apart from any of the others is the colonial atmosphere in a few lodges and guest homes that are on the hotel's site available for stay. If you end up staying here be sure to ask about package deals for activities for the museum, art institute, or anything else around the hotel. Click here to check for current package deals to the Dearborn Inn...

Hyatt Dearborn Hotel

Hyatt Regency Dearborn

We also had the opportunity of staying at the Hyatt Regency which was nothing short of magnificent even from the view when we drove in during the evening. The hotel itself has a business appeal to it even with the scenery as we noticed several business associates using laptops in the hotel lobby. It wasn't surprising either considering that the Ford Headquarters was right around the corner, not to mention the elegance that the hotel itself commanded. However, if you aren't into fancy hotels, we have a little of everything here. Click here to check rates at this hotel... 

Double Tree Dearborn

Doubletree Hotel

The Doubletree Hotel is a mix of both professional and casual atmospheres where you can meet new friends while you lounge around in their Internet Cafe. For all the historic places in Dearborn, the Doubletree is situated almost right across the street from all of them where you could just walk right around the corner if need be. Also along with selling package deals to the nearby attractions, we know some people decide on where they are staying based upon frequent flier miles, and here you earn double the amount. Click here to check for the best rates...

Courtyard Dearborn Hotels

Courtyard by Marriott

Another of the top Dearborn hotels is the Courtyard by Marriott which has just been renovated and is near the more adventurous attractions like the Henry Ford IMAX Theatre and various casinos situated in Detroit. If you love music and can make your trip to Dearborn during September you will love the Detroit International Jazz Festival that draws in millions of fans from around the country. Although you may want to stay away from the crowds and instead take a Detroit Princess Riverboat Cruise during anytime of the year.Click here for current vacation packages at this hotel.

Ready to Visit?

No matter where you end up choosing, they are all phenomenal and we would recommend any of them to you in a heartbeat. They all have their own attributes to a traveler whether you are a party of one or an entire family, but if we were stuck with any of the four we'd be delighted with what ever was left as our accommodations. We hope you get to enjoy one of these hotels yourself, and have a great time in Dearborn, Michigan.

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