Top 10 Cheap Honeymoon 
Ideas in Michigan

Our cheap honeymoon ideas will make sure that you don't leave on a honeymoon and then return thousands of dollars in debt!

There is nothing worse than starting a marriage with a big pile of bills because you went on a honeymoon that you could not really afford.

By planning ahead, you can have a romantic but affordable honeymoon in Michigan without the big price tag!

How to Save on Your Honeymoon in Michigan:

Here is a list of ideas and tips that can help you plan an affordable honeymoon: 

1. Stay Close to Home--There are beautiful resorts all over Michigan! Why spend a fortune to fly to an exotic locale, when you can visit some of the finest resorts and hotels anywhere. Some of our favorites for honeymoon destinations include:

  • Grand Hotel-Mackinac Island
  • Grand Traverse Hotel- Traverse City
  • Hyatt Regency - Dearborn
  • Amway Grand Plaza – Grand Rapids
  • The Townsend Hotel - Birmingham

2. Travel in the Off-Season –Planning your wedding an honeymoon in the fall, spring or winter months will give you more options for great honeymoon packages. Many of the area ski resorts offer unbelievable deals in the off-season.

3. Honeymoon Registry Gifts - A honeymoon registry is a service that allow family, friends and wedding guests to help couples pay for their honeymoons. If you are not in need of more traditional wedding gifts, ask for this often!

4. Look for Deals—If you are willing to be flexible with location, scour the internet to find deals. Many Michigan locations have great deals posted periodically online for internet traffic only.

5. Last Minute Honeymoons—Willing to take a chance on looking for a last minute deal? If you are willing to wait, you can usually find some great last-minute deals on hotels and vacation packages…especially in the off-season!

6. Timeshare—There are timeshare resorts in Michigan that have fabulous accommodations! If you know someone who has a Michigan timeshare, see if you can rent their week from them for the year. Many are happy to even make this their wedding gift to you!

7. Home or Cottage Rental-There are great little rentals all over Michigan! Just look! You can rent a cute little cottage right on Lake Michigan for often less than a hotel room!

8. Bed and Breakfast –Michigan has some of the best Bed and Breakfast options around. They often offer fantastic accommodations at very reasonable prices!

9. Go Camping! This is one of the most inexpensive and adventurous ways to spend a honeymoon. With all the great campground options in the state, you are sure to find a great place to camp. If you don’t have a camper or tent…rent a cabin! Some of our favorites campgrounds for couples include:

  • Tahquamenon Falls
  • Platte River
  • Mill Creek (rent a Bridgeview cabin!)

10. Keep it Simple— Don’t try to plan too many very expensive things to do on your honeymoon. Just relax and enjoy each others company! It will save you some money and be a great way to relax and start your life together.

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