Best of Michigan Destinations 2016 Nominations

Best of Michigan Awards 2016

Vote for your favorite Michigan destinations for the 2016 Best of Michigan awards.  Let us know what Michigan destinations keep you coming back.

The Categories:

Best Place to Take the Kids on a Vacation: Traveling with the little ones can be challenging, but Michigan is filled with family-friendly destinations. Tell us where you like to vacation when the kids are in tow.

Best Place to Vacation on a Budget: You can't let the struggling economy hold you back! Michigan offers many affordable destinations, as well as some free entertainment options. Tell us what Michigan destination gets your vote for being easy on the pocketbook.

Best Place for Camping:  Get out the bug spray and stake out the tents. It’s time to tell us where you like to go to spend some time out in the Michigan wild.

Best Destination for an Adventure:
If you need to feel your adrenaline pump to enjoy your vacation, this category is for you! Nominate the Michigan destination that has given you the most thrill or quenched your thirst for danger in the biggest way. What Michigan adventure sticks out in your mind?

Best State Park:
What Michigan state park is your favorite? Whether it be the great beach, the camping or just for hanging out...when it comes to state parks in Michigan, which one gets your vote?

Best Places to Go Mountain Biking: Your bike has been through many Michigan trails, but there is one you love to visit over and over...or which you wish you could visit just once more. Nominate the Michigan mountain biking destination that you consider the best.

Best Place to Go Snowmobiling: 

When the birds fly south and the snow starts to pile up, where do you head for a snowmobiling adventure in Michigan? Nominate your favorite Michigan destination for speeding through the snow.

Best Place to Go Fishing: Location is everything, especially when it comes to fishing. This is such a relaxing and fruitful experience, but you need the perfect location to get the fish biting. Where do you head when you want to get away from the modern world and hang with the fish?

Best Inland Lake:

Larger than a pond yet not connected to an ocean, inland lakes offer a border of grassy land to perch while fishing...or just for a great day at the beach? If you have a favorite inland lake in Michigan and would recommend it to others, nominate it right here.

Best Place for Michigan Boating: Paddle hard and you will find yourself surrounded by deep Michigan blue. From paddle boats to luxury boats and cruisers, there are many places to get out on the water in this state. If you enjoy boating, serve up your best destinations right here.

Best Ski Resort:

Have you ventured away from the bunny hills yet? You don’t have to be a professional skier to vote for your favorite Michigan ski resort. If they have plenty of the wet, cold stuff and you love to visit, then give them your nomination.

Best Place to Downhill Ski: Not every ski resort or ski destination can offer a great downhill adventure. If this is your thrill, tell us where you love to head downhill in Michigan.

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