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My Battle Creek Vacation Tips

Submitted by Jason Oxford 

Binder Park Zoo

Battle Creek has plenty of great activities for you to enjoy, especially if you have children.

If you're visiting Battle Creek in the summer, why not root for the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays baseball team? If you're in town in the winter you could watch the Battle Creek Knights play basketball.

If you're in the mood for a movie, you could go to Cheap Flicks, where you can get movie tickets for $3, though movies are usually released a couple weeks late.

You might want to go to Binder Park Zoo, home of one of the largest herds of giraffe in the country. You might take your children to Full-Blast: enjoy the water parks, arcade, roller skating, mini-golf, and more.

If you're someone who appreciates nature, I would recommend enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Leila Arboretum which contains over 3000 species of trees. A

s for Battle Creek dining suggestions, I would suggest the unusual Cornwell's Turkeyville USA: enjoy a traditional turkey dinner followed by ice cream at a turn-of-the-century parlor!

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