Affordable Family Vacation Ideas

If you are looking for affordable family vacation ideas, here are our top ten tips for vacation travel. 

1. Be flexible. If you're really flexible enough, you can find awesome deals on last-minute travel to fabulous locations throughout the state even during peak season.

2. Try a condo. It may seem to be more expensive than a hotel room, but if you have a kitchen, then you can avoid the huge expense of eating out for every meal. Our family brings cereal and breakfast foods and some various lunch items.

This saves a ton of money on food. The best part? You don’t even have to drag the kids off the beach or the slopes just to go get a bite to eat!

Michigan Fall colors

3. Try to travel after peak season. This might not be an affordable family vacation option if you have school-age children, but if your family has infants or toddlers, then you can take advantage of lower rates by traveling in the fall. Michigan has some wonderful train excursions, color tours, harvest festivals, wagon rides, corn mazes and more. Don’t forget to stop by an orchard for some fresh apple cider!

4. Visit off-the-beaten-path destinations. You can save up to 75% -- and avoid the crowds -- by picking a vacation spot that isn't a major tourist attraction. Michigan is full of cool little getaways and wonderful little towns that can create great family memories.
Visit our Fun and Unique Places Page for some ideas.

5. Rent a vacation home. Don’t limit your vacation options to popular hotels and resorts. Michigan has a large number of vacation homes available for rent for very reasonable prices. In some places you can rent a 4 bedroom cottage on a beach with a boat for a week for less than a weekend stay at a nearby hotel. That sounds like a deal to me! 

6. Pick spots within driving distance. Try to pick a destination that's just a few hours' drive away. If you already live in Michigan, you have a whole state full of adventures that are not too far away! In addition to saving money, you'll minimize the times you'll hear that nagging question coming from the kiddos: "Are we there yet?" 

7. Consider camping. If you're serious about saving your pennies -- or just love the outdoors and want to keep your kids away their video games for a week -- pitch a tent or rent a cabin rather than book a hotel room. Michigan has some of the best campgrounds in the country. You can “rough it” in a tent or even rent a cabin with showers and air-conditioning. That part is up to you! Budget Camping page for some more money-saving tips. 

8. Stay nearby. If one location has really pricey accommodations, just stay nearby. For example, while it may be too pricey for your family to stay on Mackinac Island-- try St. Ignace and Mackinaw City for some great places to stay for much more reasonable prices. Just shop around!

9. Don't be afraid of luxury resorts. Do you want to treat yourself to a luxury vacation but are worried that your children won't have fun or, worse yet, won't be welcome? More hotels and resorts in Michigan have activities geared toward families and kids! So if you want luxury, go for it. There are plenty of luxury vacation packages throughout the state to allow the whole family to enjoy luxury and save a little money! 

10. Use the Internet to find your affordable family vacation and cheap family travel insurance. They usually have some of the best bargains and the cheapest rates around. 

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